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Pros and cons of using forage preservatives

The efforts to improve the management of forage storage will result in a good return to producer’s investment. Hay, haylage or silage preservatives will reduce storage losses from molds, bacteria and fungi, especially when the forage is harvested at higher moisture levels. FULL STORY »

Recycling aids dairymen

Water is reused, reclaimed and recycled on MoDak Dairy, a 2,000-cow operation near Kranzburg, S.D. FULL STORY »

Study says forages with flaxseed increase milk nutrition

Flaxseed has received recent acclaim for providing an abundance of healthy omega-3 fatty acids for the human body. A new study by Oregon State University shows that cows fed flaxseed produce milk with a higher nutritional content. FULL STORY »

Angus genetics boost bottom line

In the beef industry, Angus genetics have been the equivalent to Holsteins in the dairy world. When crossed, they can fetch a nice premium for dairy producers who plan on selling calves. This has been the case at D & D Dairy in Rushford, Minn., where co-owner Dean Smith has been utilizing Angus semen on approximately 40 percent of his cows. FULL STORY »

Digester = electricity and separator = great bedding

Methane digesters are great for reducing an electric bill, but they also make great bedding for cows once the solids are separated. FULL STORY »

Comfortable cows make profitable cows

At Black Brook Farm, cow comfort is a priority. Hal and Kerry Adams of Shortsville, N.Y., have put the comfort of their registered Holstein cows at the top of their “to-do list.” FULL STORY »

Do you have an action plan to transfer the farm family business?

Transitioning a family farm from one generation to the next can be assisted with a written plan of action. Because each farm family has unique needs and issues, each family business transition plan is different. This makes it impossible to develop one plan that fits all, or even most situations. FULL STORY »

Cow health issues to be diagnosed earlier with electronic pill

Visual symptoms of a health risk can come too late for beef and dairy producers, but an electronic pill in development can monitor the health of a cow and diagnose problems before they get out of control. FULL STORY »

Watch for ergot in forages

Weather conditions across much of the Midwest this spring and summer been favorable for development of ergot fungus in pastures, according to specialists at Iowa State University. FULL STORY »

Become a better listener

If you are talking to someone and that person has his or her arms crossed, it is not a good sign. They may not be listening to you. Crossed arms are a protective gesture, points out Bob Roberts, department head of food science at Penn State University. FULL STORY »

Develop a partnership with your veterinarian

When your veterinarian comes to your dairy, what usually happens? Is he or she there for a herd check? FULL STORY »

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