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Do you have an action plan to transfer the farm family business?

Transitioning a family farm from one generation to the next can be assisted with a written plan of action. Because each farm family has unique needs and issues, each family business transition plan is different. This makes it impossible to develop one plan that fits all, or even most situations. FULL STORY »

Respiratory protection isn’t just for calves

During the pre-fresh transition period, we commonly associate disease threats with metritis, milk fever and ketosis. However, respiratory disease challenges need just as much attention in your pre-fresh groups as they do in the calf barn. FULL STORY »

Digester = electricity and separator = great bedding

Methane digesters are great for reducing an electric bill, but they also make great bedding for cows once the solids are separated. FULL STORY »

Comfortable cows make profitable cows

At Black Brook Farm, cow comfort is a priority. Hal and Kerry Adams of Shortsville, N.Y., have put the comfort of their registered Holstein cows at the top of their “to-do list.” FULL STORY »

Become a better listener

If you are talking to someone and that person has his or her arms crossed, it is not a good sign. They may not be listening to you. Crossed arms are a protective gesture, points out Bob Roberts, department head of food science at Penn State University. FULL STORY »

Watch for ergot in forages

Weather conditions across much of the Midwest this spring and summer been favorable for development of ergot fungus in pastures, according to specialists at Iowa State University. FULL STORY »

Develop a partnership with your veterinarian

When your veterinarian comes to your dairy, what usually happens? Is he or she there for a herd check? FULL STORY »

Producer input sought on genomics survey

A multi-state dairy research and extension group is interested in what dairy producers have heard or thought about genomic testing. FULL STORY »

Contract essentials for raising heifers

Purdue Dairy Extension specialist Tamilee Nennich provides guidelines for thorough contracts between dairies and contract growers. FULL STORY »

Corn silage harvest timing

Corn silage needs to be ensiled at the correct moisture level for proper fermentation and long-term storage preservation. FULL STORY »

I'm sorry, so sorry

Agriculture producers don't get to hone their people skills that often because they are too busy working with plants and animals. This can make apologizing sometimes difficult and foreign. FULL STORY »

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