Wisconsin dairy producers now have free access to the latest recommendations on dairy cattle facility design.

The Web site, DairylandInitiative.vetmed.wisc.edu, combines the most relevant research in health, production and behavior with years of field experience in housing design into a web-based information center and building plan assessment program.

The “Wisconsin Blueprint” answers key questions asked when designing facilities for dairy cattle housing. Virtual tours provide interactive guides of new facilities, including floor plans, stall dimensions, photographs, key performance measures, and streaming video. Barn plans may be submitted for a “Cow or Calf Comfort Risk Assessment” performed for a nominal fee.  Recommendations highlight areas of risk to consider for change before the barn is built.

Wisconsin dairy farmers have free access to the Web site by logging on with the first six digits of their dairy producer license number. Consulting professionals and farmers outside of Wisconsin may purchase a two-year web access subscription for $100.

For more information, go to: http://thedairylandinitiative.vetmed.wisc.edu/