Fire, flood, feed contamination, foot-and-mouth disease… Farm and ranch disasters can come without warning. Is your crop, livestock or poultry operation secure? Is it biosecure?

Before disaster strikes, ReadyAG can help farmers and ranchers plan and prepare to prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from all types of damaging incidents. ReadyAG is designed to help identify vulnerabilities and prioritize actions to make agricultural operations more resilient and sustainable in the face of adversity.

ReadyAG begins with a general preparedness assessment, then has commodity-specific sections, including cattle, crops, dairy, fruit and vegetable, swine, and poultry. The assessments can be filled out online and will automatically populate a customized action plan to address items identified as high priority.

Farmers and ranchers who access the ReadyAG workbook will be encouraged to take the following steps:
• Identify vulnerable areas of production and management.
• Prioritize areas to strengthen.
• Create an action plan specific for an operation.
• Develop an accurate inventory of assets.
• Identify and engage local critical services.
• Find additional helpful resources.

The ReadyAg workbook can be found here.