In the book “Good to Great,” companies that went from good to great did so by being true to their mission and their core business, say experts from Michigan State University. Successful businesses made changes in their businesses, including labor, but did so in a methodical, consistent manner.

Some of the companies examined in the book that did not succeed had what author Jim Collins called “an almost chronic addiction to layoffs and restructurings.” Change is constant, but you as the manager need to ensure a work environment that doesn’t feel out of control.

As you make changes in your labor force or how you manage labor, make sure that you do so in a way that is consistent and methodical. You won’t be able to change everything at once. Be as transparent as possible with your employees as to why you are making changes and the purpose of the changes. Ask for their input into the process as well. Remember, you are the manager on the farm and the person most able to “manage” change.