A wet spring may have resulted in quite a bit of BMR sudan-sorghum being planted in mid-June after farmers gave up on trying to plant corn. BMR sudan-sorghum has high forage quality when preserved as silage, but is too high in moisture to be practical as pasture or green-chop for high-producing cows.

Tom Kilcer offers these recommendations:

• When mowing this crop, use an intermeshing roller conditioner and wide-swath. Tine conditioners (impellers) are useless.

• Mow when the tallest upright leaves are about 3 feet tall. Under good conditions, sudan-sorghum can grow 3 inches per day, so it’s not a good plant-it-and-forget-it crop.

• Whether it’s round-baled as baleage or chopped as silage, it’s critical that the crop be mowed, windrowed and chopped the same day. That’s because BMR sudan-sorghum is very high in sugars and will “go south” quickly if left in the field overnight.

More information on BMR sudan-sorghum is available here.