A calf warmer is part of the arsenal used to keep the death loss low at Squires Farm in Munnsville, N.Y.

Squires Farm purchased its calf warmer in 2003 from Loyal Manufacturing. “We still use that same warmer today,” says Sharon Squires, owner. She says it is the best money the farm ever put into its heifer and bull calf management.

“If you are the people who want calf and cow separated right at birth, like we are, then this is the perfect product to own,” says Squires. “The number one thing to keep in mind though is it must be monitored and kept spotlessly clean. Otherwise it is not a benefit to own.” And, she says calves must be checked on often.

To keep the calf warmer clean, Squires use detergent, bleach, hot water and a scrub brush. If the warmer is not kept clean, it could become an incubator for germs and not a lifesaving tool.

 Squires notes that the farm went for 4.5 years without a single death loss in any calf over 24 hours old and only one death within 24 hours, not including stillborns.