Proper cooling of cows can provide $100 to $300 in extra profit per cow per year due to increased milk production and improved feed efficiency, according to Israel Flamenbaum, an international expert on cow cooling.

By adding in the expected improvement in summer fertility and health, profitability goes even higher.

Flamenbaum, who spoke at the Cow Longevity Conference, sponsored by DeLaval in late August, told about some of his research in Israel where cows’ feed intake, body temperature, resting and rumination time were compared in different cooling groups. One group had five cooling sessions per day totaling 3.75 hours, while another group had eight cooling sessions per day totaling six hours.

“As anticipated, increased cooling time increased feed consumption by 2.1 kilograms a day (or 8.5 percent) and daily milk production by 3.4 kilograms a day (or 9.3 percent)” in the intensively cooled group, he said.