A new mobile app for income over feed cost is available from Penn State’s Extension Dairy Team.

The app, called DairyCents, allows you to calculate income over feed cost by simply entering a zip code, selecting a milk production level and entering a date. The display will show feed cost per hundredweight, feed cost per cow, gross milk price, milk margin per hundredweight of milk and income over feed cost per cow per day. Historic data also can be graphed for income over feed cost, feed cost and milk price starting from January 2012 on either a per cow or per hundredweight basis.

The app also allows you to compare your purchased feed price to Penn State’s feed price list and to other users in the database who have purchased the same feed. The inputs are very simple: enter zip code, feed selection, unit, price per unit, number of units purchased and date. Feed prices can be tracked over time and graphed against the feed price list and other users. DairyCents is available for free through the AppStore on iTunes.

For more information: Type “New mobile app for income over feed cost” into the “Search” box at dairyherd.com.