Feeding brown midrib corn silage increases John Koepke’s silage needs by about 3 pounds (dry matter) per cow per day. Across 100 cows, that equals an extra 55 tons of corn silage dry matter needed per year (3 pounds x 100 cows x 365 days = 109,500 pounds or ~55 tons). Typical corn silage yields

in his area average 7 tons of dry matter per acre, so the Oconomowoc, Wis., producer needs to harvest 8 extra acres of corn silage (per 100 cows) per year.

He says this is still a win-win scenario.

“If you think you are wasting corn acres chopping extra silage, it would take 12.5 acres of 180-bushel corn to make up for the feed provided by the 8 acres of corn silage,” he says. “In my situation, where I grow both the grain and the corn silage that I feed to my cows, this is what I try to keep in mind.”

FOR MORE INFORMAT I O N : Koepke is featured in a recent Dairy Herd Management webinar. To access it,click on the “News” tab, select “Events” and then “Webinars.”