Phil Durst, Extension Dairy Educator with Michigan State University, recently visited a farm that had the goal of “30/30 by ’13.”

It meant 30,000 rolling herd average and a 30 percent cull rate by December 2013.

“Each week, the dairy manager met with the six department managers and each week there was a printed agenda with the overall goal front and center. It was brief, it was catchy, and it was easy to remember. The staff all knew the goal,” Durst says.

‘That is the value of being goal-driven, it lays out what you want to achieve and helps you and others focus on achieving that goal,” he adds. “You are more likely to achieve a goal that is expressed, written and known.”

Don’t wait until the New Year to set goals. “Set aside some time this week to talk with others about good and attainable goals for your operation, and then make them known,” Durst says.