In a recent issue of the Georgia DairyFax, William Graves, professor and extension dairy scientist at the University of Georgia, shares practical advice on using electronic thaw baths to thaw semen for artificial insemination of dairy cattle.

• Keep the unit full of clean tap water.

• Watch the clock. It takes approximately one minute for the water to warm 2 degrees Fahrenheit. “That means 80-degree F water requires eight minutes to get to 96 degrees F, and 60-degree water requires 18 minutes,” he says.

• Agitate the water by moving the basket up and down to assure temperature consistency and uniformity.

• Check the temperature monthly for accuracy with a mercury bulb thermometer.

• Use the flat plastic thaw monitor generally provided with the unit to determine correct temperature for thawing semen (96 degrees F). Place it in the water for at least 15 seconds prior to reading the temperature.

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Source: April/May/June 2012 Georgia DairyFax