Is your milking routine actually being implemented in the same way by every shift, at every milking?

Consistent milking procedures, performed as part of a consistent milking routine, are critical to high-quality milk production, so a second set of eyes might help you catch shortcomings in your routine.

Ask your milk-equipment dealer to perform a milking-routine evaluation to make sure proper pre-milking hygiene steps are being performed, teatcups are being applied to visibly clean, dry and well-stimulated teats, milk flows rapidly and efficiently after attachment, and milking units are removed in a timely manner.

There is no “one perfect” routine that fits every dairy, explains Rick Watters, milk quality and udder health specialist with GEA Farm Technologies. But by working with an outside evaluator, you can customize a routine that fits your operation, without sacrificing any effects on milk quality or parlor efficiency. And, most importantly, the critical timing of your milking routine can be fine-tuned to assure the highest quality milk is being harvested — day in and day out.

Your evaluator also can help with continual follow-up training and evaluations to assure old habits are broken and proper processes become part of everyone’s daily routine.