It can be a challenge to keep the various synchronization protocols straight in your mind, let alone successfully implement them on your dairy.

To help you and your team more effectively manage your farm’s reproductive performance, a group of dairy-reproductive experts have created a dairy synchronization protocol fact sheet. The two-page document outlines established synchronization protocols, making it an excellent resource tool for your reproductive toolbox.

“Synchronization protocols evolve rapidly as newer procedures are tested and improvements are made, explains Matt Lucy, professor of Animal Sciences at the University of Missouri and president of the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC). This new tool from DCRC is designed to help farmers and industry professionals deal with rapid change and make informed decisions.

The protocol sheet will be reviewed annually by representatives from the DCRC. New protocols will be included when they are validated in controlled studies. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact DCRC at (262) 563-5100 or email: