We all have different trigger points when the hair on the back of our neck rises and we have the strong desire to flee the room.

“For me, it is when I hear whiners begin with a tirade of their latest problem,” says Mike Krutza, leadership coach with Lighthouse Leadership. “I can feel my inner voice wanting to reach out and stop them in their tracks. I’ve learned a few tips that you may find helpful in dealing with the whiner in your workplace.”

1.  Don’t feed the dog. Do not get sucked into their vacuum of whining; it is a deadly trap. As whiners look for empathy, sympathetic people become their “food.” 

2.  Whining is a choice. Some people choose to feel like a victim. 

Life is tough and we have all taken a turn at whining. A 30-second whine is OK, but knowing that you’re moving on after 30 seconds is key. It is when people continue the whine and feel sorry for themselves that it starts feeling more like they are acting as a victim, according to Krutza.

Whining has a negative impact on co-workers. Make it clear that the workplace is a no-whine zone.