On-farm safety never goes out of style. Set some time aside now to make sure your safety programs are still in vogue with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Here are some areas to consider from Scott Hall, Vita Plus safety director:

• Emergency action plans: What is the plan for an emergency (fire, severe weather, medical emergency, first aid, etc.) at your facility? Practice the plan with your employees. Do they all understand it, know what their responsibilities are, and know where to go in an emergency? Do the procedures work as planned?
• Fire extinguishers: Have at least one appropriate fire extinguisher located in each building, in every piece of machinery (tractors, skid-steers, loaders, etc.), and in any other location where a quick response to a fire may be needed. Fire extinguishers must be readily available, inspected regularly and recharged as needed.
• Posted “No Smoking” areas: All buildings and storage areas should be labeled as “no smoking” areas.
• Training: Document all training, whether it’s done in-house, by an outside trainer or at a seminar.