Food Animal Residue Avoidance Database (FARAD) program provides online information sources that are provided freely through the organization’s website For many years, FARAD has maintained an up-todate and fully searchable database that can be used to obtain key information about drugs that are approved for use in food-producing animal species.

The public interface for this database is called VetGRAM, which is an acronym for the Veterinarian’s Guide to Residue Avoidance Management. VetGRAM is a highly used resource that provides comprehensive information about FDA-approved food animal drugs, including approved indications, mandatory withdrawal times for various products from food animals, tolerance levels for active ingredients and other critical information.

FARAD recently launched a mobile app version of VetGRAM that can be used on all phones and mobile devices that use the android operating system. This new app is available at no cost through the Google store and can be accessed through the following link orppx6l or by using the search word “vetgram” in the Google store.