The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (RCRC) has released a dairy heifer synchronization protocol sheet, which outlines established synchronization protocols that may help producers improve heifer reproductive performance.

“The heifer protocol sheet was created based on the latest research and information available to the dairy industry,” says Todd Bilby, chair of the DCRC Education Committee. “Our goal is to help veterinarians, industry professionals and producers make informed decisions related to heifer synchronization and reproductive programs.”

The heifer protocol sheet is intended to provide a foundation for discussion as veterinarians, consultants and dairy producers work together to make reproductive management decisions. The DCRC does not endorse one protocol over another, nor does DCRC endorse synchronization protocols over any of the other approaches to dairy cattle reproduction. The protocol sheets are reviewed annually by representatives from the DCRC and new protocols will be included as they are validated in controlled studies.

To access the heifer and lactating cow synchronization protocol sheets, visit www.