Farming is physically demanding and long hours can take its toll on our bodies. That physical stress contributes to accidents and even death. It is important that farmers follow some basic health guidelines during field work, advises the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

  1. Get some sleep. Be sure to get enough sleep and rest to refresh the mind and body. If you are spending long hours in a combine or tractor, be sure to take short breaks often.
  2. Eat right, eat often. When the busy season rolls around, we fill our bodies with fast food and other high-fat, low nutrition items. Worse yet, we sometimes don’t eat at all! It’s worth the time to wake up a few minutes earlier to eat a quick breakfast and pack a nutritious lunch. Include a couple of servings of fruits and vegetables to munch on during the day. Limit your intake of fatty meats, candy bars, and sugar.
  3. Don’t rush. It may take an extra moment or two to walk down every step or double-check a piece of equipment. But that extra time may be a lifesaver. Don’t cut corners when it comes to safety.
  4. Learn to accept the things you cannot change. Look for the best in people and situations. Remember, no one is perfect. Realize that fiscal and time pressure challenges due to weather, crop prices, and market demand are beyond your control.