Have adequate feed supplies is always a worry for farmers.

To help mediate that concern, the Iowa State University Extension Service advises livestock producers to evaluate their feed inventories in preparation for this coming year. Variable weather patterns may result in a limited feed supply at harvest, making it necessary that farmers have an early understanding of their needs. The preparation process requires farmers to evaluate the following factors:

  • Feed inventory. Inventory should be recalculated at the end of harvest with all grain and forages being allocated as feed accounted for.
  • Feed requirement. Account for all animals, using either a daily ration or weekly feed amount to calculate for a year ‘s worth of feed. Dry matter and nutrient quality can impact feed requirements.
  • Financial position. Is purchasing feed a financially feasible solution based on projected breakeven and profitability? What funds are available to purchase additional feed? These answers are ones that each livestock producer will need to evaluate for his or her operation.