Walt Moore of Wal-Moore Holsteins in West Grove, Pa., credits five things for enhancing the profitability of his dairy farm. They are:

1. Reprocessing corn silage. Corn silage is sent through a roller prior to feed-out. Moore says this makes more starch and fiber available to the cows and allows him to get a higher return from his ration.

2. Forming a partnership. A few years ago, Moore formed a partnership with his father, which allowed him to move from milking at three separate locations into one location.

3. Profit team. Moore has an advisory panel or profit team that meets once per month to discuss where the dairy has been, where it’s at, and where it’s headed in the future.

4. Celebrate goals. Annual goals are set, shared with employees, and celebrated with the employees when goals are achieved.

5. Milk hauling. Five years ago, Moore started hauling his own milk, which has allowed him to cut cost.