Highly effective team meetings help dairies more readily achieve their short- and long-term goals. These team meetings provide focus, direction and accountability for the team and for each team member, when properly structured and facilitated.

Profit Tips: Increase dairy meeting effectiveness “Regular team meetings can have a critical role in structuring your dairy for success,” says Kristy Pagel, regional sales manager with Diamond V. “The most effective meetings always have objectives, and these objectives help focus the team during the meeting itself. By the conclusion of the meeting, the team has developed a specific action plan. This action plan reflects the meeting’s discussions and provides direction for the team and each team member.”

Members of the team can vary somewhat but should include the dairy’s owner(s), key managers and key advisors and influencers. Each of these team members should be willing to actively participate in discussions. Ultimately, each team member will be expected to accept responsibility for and take specific actions to launch the dairy toward further success.