Larson Acres, of Evansville, Wis., went through an immigration audit a few years ago regarding its workforce. Owner Mike Larson shared some of his experiences at the Vita Plus Dairy Summit in December, offering advice for dairies that may find themselves in a similar situation.

To prepare for an audit:
• Be knowledgeable. Designate someone to keep up with the rules governing immigrant labor. This is important whether you hire an attorney or accountant to manage your I-9 paperwork or you do it yourself.
• Keep employee records up to date. It’s especially important to include expiration dates next to each employee’s name in your personnel management spreadsheet. That way you know when you need to make a new copy of an employee’s driver’s license.
• Get an audit. “We recommend having audits of your (I-9) paperwork, either self audits or hiring somebody to come in and go through your system,” he said.