You have expectations with employees regarding their job performance, says Jolene Griffin with Dairy Management Inc. Expectations for social media use should be no different.

Lay some ground-rules regarding personal social media use and how it reflects on their reputation, as well as that of your dairy. “Remind them that whatever they say on social media lives on forever, meaning that future employers can look back at Facebook pages or Tweets,” Griffin says. “A good rule-of-thumb is to remind people to never say anything on social media that you wouldn’t say to your 85-year-old grandmother.”

Set ground rules for employee social media useAlso, be sure to be clear with your expectations if you offer interested employees an opportunity to share Facebook postings or Tweeting duties on your farm’s accounts.

Give them the right information, acceptable vocabulary to use with consumers and background tools, such as consumer-tested key messages, so they are equipped to communicate your desired message. Encourage employees to find their own “voice” and talk about things from their perspective, letting their personality shine through.