You don’t need to rely on pay, benefits or promotional opportunities to make employees feel respected and valued. According to human resources expert Jeff Haden, treating your employees with respect is the best way to retain great people.

“If you want to be considered a great employer — and you certainly should — providing your employees with higher pay, better benefits, extensive training and greater opportunities are definite factors,” Haden writes in Inc. magazine. “The problem is you might not have the resources to do all that. That’s okay. You can still be a great employer, because one thing you can give your employees is more important: Self-respect.”

According to Haden, you can redirect and educate employees without making them lose face in front of others.

“Talk to me privately about a mistake I made, focus on how I can learn from that mistake and improve, and I’ll quickly forget any initial embarrassment I may feel,” Haden writes. “Make me feel stupid, especially in front of other people, and I will never forget how it feels — and I’ll never learn from my mistake because I will only remember the way you treated me. Self-respect is a lot like trust. Once lost, it’s almost impossible to regain.”