By making small changes in how you manage your time and workflow, it’s possible to take a little more control of your day.

Paul Burton, author of “Focus Pocus: 24 tricks for regaining command of your day,” believes that everyone can enhance their success by increasing their productivity by just six minutes a day. Here are Burton’s recommendations for gaining those six minutes:

• Schedule five to 15 minutes between appointments and meetings. This allows you to jot down ideas you had from a previous meeting, check messages or prepare for your next meeting.

• Regularly survey your landscape. Take time each morning to review your calendar and to-do list, prioritize your workload, review all of your e-mails/messages and then dig in. Survey your landscape again mid-day and at the end of the day.

• Do one more (little) thing. This idea can help you get a little more done each day and improve control of your workload. Do only one more thing (not a big thing and not two things) at the end of every day before you head home. For example, return a call, respond to a short e-mail, put a file away or read through an industry magazine.

• Elicit vs. give answers. How you answer questions is key to helping make employees (and you) more efficient. If you continually give them direct answers, you are in essence training them to ask more questions. Try asking them questions, as well. Help them think through situations and solutions. Give them confidence in their own ability to figure out the answers.