Secure your business’ data storage The computerization of business and production records in the last decade has revolutionized farm and agribusiness management. “The problem in relying on computerized records is what happens if all that data collected and stored on the office or home computer is destroyed or lost?” asks Dean Ross, an independent agrosecurity consultant based in Michigan,

Fire or natural disasters like flooding or tornados have the potential to completely obliterate these records, leaving no way to retrieve them.

The loss of farm business records also occurs when there is a malfunction or failure within the computer hard drive or other digital storage rendering the data in it un-retrievable, notes Ross. “Computer-industry- sponsored research suggests that 70 percent of hard drive failures will be severe enough that data retrieval is not advisable. And in those cases where data is retrievable, the cost can be significant.” 

A better strategy is to save a copy of your important records by regularly creating a backup of your computer files. The Small Business Administration suggests that business owners “Make back-up copies of all tax, accounting, payroll and production records and customer data on computer hard drives, and store the records at an offsite location at least 100 miles away. Important documents should be saved in fireproof safe deposit boxes.”

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