Alltech’s now offers a fresh take on conquering the challenge of mycotoxins. The Web site features a new home page and refreshed content reflecting the interests of its key audience. now has mycotoxin information segmented by animal species, enabling it to become an even more user-friendly resource for time-strapped industry professionals.

Up-to-date information on mycotoxinsToxins are naturally produced by all types of molds and fungi. Hundreds of these mycotoxins exist, and contamination of natural materials with multiple toxins, either from one or several fungi, is common. Animals are consistently exposed to multiple toxins and interaction between toxins makes diagnosis difficult.

Originally launched in 2007, the Web site includes up-to-date information on mycotoxin regulations and provides visitors with the opportunity to ask specific questions to world-renown mycotoxin specialists.  Additionally, delivers mycotoxin training and features an interactive series of videos where specialists show the different mycotoxin hotspots at the farm level. These videos are also available on their YouTube Channel “KnowMycotoxins videos”.