Daystar Dairy in Central, Minn., installed eight video cameras throughout the dairy, including the calving pens and milking parlor.

Each video camera is connected to a digital video recorder that will hold about one week’s worth of activity. “We will go for a year without having to review any video, but when we need to know what has happened, they are invaluable,” says owner Dave Brutscher.

Brutscher says that the color, high-resolution waterproof infrared cameras cost the dairy about $275 each, and cable was 27 cents per foot and the DVR about $1,200. Installation was approximately $500.

The videos hooked into the dairy’s network and can be viewed and reviewed from anywhere as long as the owners have an internet connection or a smart phone.

“The video helps settle employee disputes and keeps everybody honest,” says Brutscher. “Our really good people like knowing that we are able to review and make suggestions for everybody’s work. The calving pen video helps us sort out which calf belongs to which cow and who really freshened.”