When one of Barry Visser’s customers put up high-moisture corn that was too dry (21-22 percent DM), they did what they could to get the most out of that feed.

When life hands you lemons…Visser, a Vita Plus dairy nutritionist, works with producers in Minnesota, South Dakota and northwest Iowa.

On this particular farm, they decided to roll the high-moisture corn going into the bag. During feedout, they fed the corn into a hammer mill. Regrinding the corn reduced particle size and helped them get 3.5 more pounds of milk.

“They had some investment in getting this set up,” Visser said last month during a pre-conference symposium at the Vita Plus Dairy Summit, “but we’re not putting another additive in (or doing) anything fancy in terms of the ration. We’re just trying to get more milk out of the corn we’re feeding.”