A little extra effort goes a long way to make the foot care area on your dairy more comfortable for both animals and trimmers, says Jan Shearer, Iowa State University veterinarian. Try these tips to improve conditions at the trimming chute:

  • Make sure the trimming station has access to shade and a fan in the summer.
  • Fans should be located so that air moves from the back side to the front side of the trimmer or from side to side to keep dust and debris out of the trimmer’s breathing space.
  • A soft flooring surface is advised.
  • Install a water source, hose and nozzle for foot cleaning. Be sure that the floor has good drainage.
  • Use wind blocks and supplemental heat, as needed, in the winter.
  • Install an electrical source for power tools and supplemental lighting.
  • Provide a sturdy, accessible surface for equipment. A 3-foot x 6-foot table works well.
  • Also provide lockable storage cabinets for secure equipment storage during off-hours.