If you raise livestock, odor and other airborne contaminants are part of the equation you must manage. And with the public's increasing intolerance for odors, you might want to check out the publication “Outdoor Air Quality.”

This new MidWest Plan Service book uses a science-based approach to measuring air quality and explains the principles involved in controlling dust and odor. Topics include: the basics of outdoor air quality, managing odors from buildings, managing dust and odor from open lots, managing odors from manure storage, and managing odors during manure application.

The book is actually an expanded and revised discussion of a single chapter contained in the original “Livestock Waste Facilities Handbook.” Authors of the book are Brent Auverman, Texas A&M University; José Bicudo, University of Kentucky; Jeff Lorimor, Iowa State University; and Larry Jacobson and David Schmidt, University of Minnesota.

“Outdoor Air Quality,” MWPS-18 Section 3, sells for $15 per copy, plus $4.50 for postage. To order, call 800-562-3618, or visit the MWPS Web site at: www.mwpshq.org/