Communication within your business and within your family is important, especially when stress levels are high, say experts at Lookout Ridge Consulting. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your ability to communicate with others:

  • Do I give people my full attention when they are talking to me?
  • Do I encourage other people to talk without interrupting them?
  • Do I show respect for others’ ideas even if I don’t agree with them?
  • Do I ask questions which allow me to fully understand another’s point of view?
  • Do I pay attention to nonverbal clues such as body language and facial expressions?
  • Do I present my ideas in a way that is easily understood by all?
  • Do I ask for feedback/questions to ensure that my message has been understood?
  • Am I aware of my biases and strive to control them?
  • Do my words match my tone and body language?
  • Do I provide enough detail to be understood but not so much that it complicates my message?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, focus your efforts on improving your communication in that area.