This custom-made calf carrier fits easily on the front of a skid-loader. Constructed of 0.25-inch plastic sheets, the carrier is 59 inches wide, 48 inches high and 25 inches deep. One-inch by 2-inch strips of plastic reinforce the corners and brace the long panels in the front and rear. A 23-inch-by-2-inch vent is included. The carrier is bolted to the bucket of the skid-steer when moving newborns from the calving area to the calf barn. "We wash and disinfect it weekly," says Daphne Holterman, of Rosy-Lane Holsteins in Watertown, Wis. "By using the skid-steer loader, which is very dependable, it avoids having to start another vehicle in the winter, such as a four-wheeler," she adds.