Here are some common problems that can lead to milk residues. Use this list to avoid problems and strengthen your milk-quality program.

1. Milk from a treated cow is routed to the bulk tank.
2. An antibiotic-treated dry cow gets milked.
3. The milking unit was not cleaned and sanitized before attaching to the next cow after milking a treated cow.
4. Only the milk from one quarter - the infected quarter - was withheld from the bulk tank. Milk from all four quarters should have been diverted.
5. Even though treated cows were milked last; the milk line was not diverted from the bulk tank.
6. Medicated feed was accidentally fed to the lactating herd.
7. Milk was not withheld from cows that received intrauterine antibiotic treatment.
8. Treated cows were milked before the required withholding time was up.
9. Cows that received dry cow therapy freshened early.

This list originally appeared in our sister publication Bovine Veterinarian where your veterinarian has been learning about antibiotic residues. Ask him about it.