Do you have a plan in place if a manure spill or run-off occurs on your dairy?

“Every farm, regardless of size, must be prepared to manage a manure-handling emergency,” notes Michael Hunter, a field crops educator with Cornell cooperative extension in Lewis County, N.Y.

Hunter offers these tips to help you contain a manure spill:
1. Keep a written list of strategies that you can use to stop or control a spill. For example, identify ways to stop a lagoon overflow.

2. Keep a list of phone numbers for the following local authorities and agencies so you can contact them if a spill occurs:

  • EMS officials. (Call if the spill leaves your property or enters surface waters.)
  • Local soil and water conservation district or natural resource conservation district.
  • Cooperative extension service.

3.. Include a list of phone numbers so you can obtain the needed equipment in an emergency.

  • Bulldozer, backhoe or tillage equipment.
  • Liquid manure tanker truck.
  • Vacuum tanker.
  • Manure pump.
  • Manure irrigation equipment.
  • Inflatable tile plugs.