It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, everyone is trying to work quickly and more efficiently to get the job done. However, when people become task-saturated, it prevents strategic planning and often leads to burnout, says Randy Harrington, CEO of Extreme Arts and Sciences in Eugene, Ore.

Task saturation chokes change and stifles management. It occurs when you have so many things to do each day that you have no time to think about the future.

Look for the following signs to see if you or your middle managers may be task-saturated.

  • Takes shortcuts on a routine basis.
  • Excessive frustration when asked to do something extra.
  • Rationalizes that the problems are outside of their control.
  • Criminal opportunity increases as people feel unnoticed and unappreciated for their efforts. So, they start making a few long distance calls to get even, or heist a few supplies.