If you’re not fore-stripping your cows, you may be missing an opportunity to produce more milk.

Andy Johnson, veterinarian in Seymour, Wis., told producers attending the National Mastitis Council meeting in February that fore-stripping cows may increase production. Data collected from several 1,000-cow-plus dairies shows that cows fore-stripped as part of the milk prep procedure produce approximately 3 to 9 pounds more milk per day than cows not fore-stripped. Another study revealed that cows fore-stripped during milk prep milked out approximately one minute faster than cows not fore-stripped.

Producers are often tempted to remove fore-stripping from the milk prep routine as it adds about 15 seconds per cow to the milking time. However, veterinarians feel that fore-stripping helps identity abnormal milk sooner, improves letdown, increases milk output as well as increases milk flow, which can speed milking time. With results like this, producers should consider putting fore-stripping back into their milk prep routine.