Innovation keeps these footbaths replenished at quail ridge dairy in fort morgan, Colo. One of the 15-foot-wide footbaths (built into the return alley from the parlor) is filled with clean water and the second contains water mixed with formaldehyde. A hydrant with a 2-inch hose was installed adjacent to the footbaths for quick filling (bottom picture). The formaldehyde is delivered in large totes and is placed right next to the second footbath. To add the chemicals, employees turn on a valve, count to three, then shut off the valve and fill the footbath with water. “We wanted to make it easy to fill the footbaths,” says co-owner Mary Kraft. “So we installed an extra-large water line and pre-measured the flow-rate from the formaldehyde tote so that employees just have to turn it on and count and they know they have the right amount.”