An article in the October issue of Dairy Herd Management stated that “forestripping may not be the ticket to maximizing parlor throughput.” 

Yet, forestripping may actually improve parlor throughput in many instances, says Jeff Reneau, dairy scientist at the University of Minnesota. Forestripping can be a powerful stimulus to increase milk letdown which, in turn, can shorten unit on-time.

A recent study by CornellUniversity confirms this. Four commercial dairies, milking 400 to 2,000 cows apiece, enrolled in the study. Two-minute milk production was 10 percent to 15 percent greater among the cows receiving three strips of milk from one or more quarters than among cows receiving no fore-stripping at all. Total unit on-time was 6.4 percent to 10 percent greater in the non-forestrip group than in the forestrip groups.

The trick is not to add too much time to the udder-prep procedure. If you can keep udder prep under 20 or 30 seconds per cow, you will probably come out ahead with forestripping, according to Reneau.