Pagel’s Ponderosa in Kewaunee, Wis., installed a fuel center on its operation this year. The fuel center was originally installed so the dairy could purchase fuel by the truckload, giving them a price break. Additional benefits were discovered once the fuel center was installed.

Each vehicle on the dairy has a key fob with a unique identification number. In order to pump gas, the employee must enter the vehicle mileage or operating hours. The fuel center also knows which vehicles receive what type of gas, so it is almost impossible for someone to put diesel fuel inside of a gasoline engine, notes dairy owner John Pagel. Even the lawn mower has its own key fob.

Pagel says he expects to see additional benefits the longer the system is in place. “Now, we will know what the fuel consumption per hour is for each tractor. This will come in handy when it comes time to replace a tractor. We will know which tractors are better to trade.” Another benefit is that it reduces the possibility that anyone could steal gasoline.