A new commodity shed was cost-prohibitive. “We looked at building a new commodity shed with six to eight bays. The estimated cost to build the new commodity shed was $150,000 to $200,000,” says Tim Wickstrom, owner of Valsigna Farms in Hilmar, Calif.

So, Wickstrom looked to his hay barn as an option.

“First, we looked at putting permanent concrete walls in the hay barn — that estimate was close to $60,000. Then, we found these stackable cement blocks that fit together like Legos,” he says. Wickstrom rented a small crane to move the blocks in place. The total cost ended up around $14,000, which was a lot less than building a new shed. 

Wickstrom says the blocks are heavy, but you still want to avoid bumping against them with equipment. “If you go into the commodity bays straight, it works great.”

This commodity shed at Valsigna Farms used to be a hay barn.