It takes serious effort to convey management messages to your workers on a regular basis, notes Lee Gross, University of Minnesota regional extension educator in Stearns County. “But try it. Be sincere. Write reminders on your calendar, and deliver your message with a smile.” Gross suggests the following:

  • Review your mission statement with your workers on a regular basis.
  • Tell them how important your business is to you and your family.
  • Tell workers how important they are to the success of your business.
  • Let employees know that they are important to you as individuals.
  • Tell them you need their skills and experience.
  • Tell workers the business can only succeed with their help.
  • Tell them you want to see them grow in their job and achieve whatever they want and are capable of doing in your business.
  • Show employees that your dairy is a fun place to work.
  • Finally, explain that the “little things” are the most important things.

“People that are appreciated are motivated,” says Gross.

“People that are valued are motivated. People having fun are motivated. People that know they matter to the organization, dairy, and family are motivated. And motivated people do great things.”