The exact causes of hemorrhagic bowel syndrome (HBS), or jejunal hemorrhage syndrome, are unknown. However, you can still take some measures to prevent it.


1.  Evaluate and correct nutritional factors that may predispose cows to HBS, such as lack of roughage in the diet and too much carbohydrate, or energy, in the diet.

2.  Test silage and other moist feedstuffs for Clostridium perfringens type A and mold growth.

3.  Feed only fully fermented silage.

4.  Practice good bunk management. Keep feed pushed up, maintain consistent feed intake, remove leftovers from the bunk daily, and make ration changes gradually.

5.  Consider using a Clostridium perfringens type A vaccine if nutritional adjustments don’t work.

6.  Consider feeding products that boost immune function.


Your veterinarian and nutritionist learned about HBS treatment and prevention in the March-April issue of our sister publication Bovine Veterinarian. Work with them to develop a prevention protocol for your dairy.