Perspective employees have a choice as to who they want to work for, says Dennis Cooper, human resource management specialist at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Cooper suggests using these four strategies to help you attract, select and hire employees:

1. Improve job quality. “Job quality is a big issue in the dairy industry,” Cooper says. To retain employees, offer job qualities such as competitive wages, reasonable benefits and a safe and comfortable working environment.

2. Increase the number of job applicants. Recruit as many applicants for a job opening as possible. One out of six applicants is well-qualified for the job, so try to recruit at least 12 to 18 applicants per job opening.

3. Create a positive farm image. For example, create want ads which highlight positive features of your operation and about the job.

4. Use selection tools effectively. Screen and evaluate applicants to identify those most suited for the job.