The goal of every dairy manager — whether he has 200 cows or 2,000 cows — should be to “manage your dairy so that ordinary people can produce extraordinary results,” says Tom Furhman, veterinarian and founder of DairyWorks in Tempe, Ariz. To do that, Furhman told producers attending World Dairy Expo that you must organize the work.

In short, says Furhman, it means you need to invest in job descriptions. Organizing the work is, quite simply, listing out the steps to perform each task, such as the care of newborn calves. Once you write out all of the tasks that need to be done, you can group those tasks together to create job descriptions for your employees. Just the idea of making sure everything gets done on the dairy, in the manner you want it done, should be reason enough to write job descriptions. Your employees will know who is responsible for what task and how you want it done.