Ralph Bruno, graduate student working with Laboratory of Nutrition at the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and ResearchCenter in Tulare, Calif., has developed an easier way to carry disinfectant solution for CIDR applicators.

He threads an examination glove through a piece of 2-inch PVC pipe that has been cut just longer than the insertion device. Next, he ties a knot in the glove just above the hand portion which hangs out of the bottom of the tube. Then, he rolls the top of the glove over the top edge of the PVC pipe, fastens it to the pipe with rubber bands, and fills the tube with disinfectant. Once it’s ready, he slides the tube up through his work belt where it stays handy for use between insertions.

He also changes the disinfectant solution as necessary. Bruno claims this method means the disinfectant is always handy -— unlike pails that can be left behind as a person moves down a line of cows.