MidWest Plan Service has just released the “Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship” curriculum.

The curriculum, which contains 26 sections, was designed to help producers evaluate their farm in terms of key stewardship issues and implement those practices that would be beneficial. The comprehensive curriculum takes an in-depth look at these top four manure-management issues: animal dietary strategies, manure storage and treatment, land application and nutrient management, and outdoor air quality.

Each section contains an assessment tool designed to help determine your compliance with regulations. For added convenience, you can access interactive versions of these assessment tools at the LPES Web site at: www.lpes.org. The Web site also contains any corrections and additions to each of the sections.

The materials were developed by a national team of 30 experts in manure management from land-grant universities, the EPA and the USDA. You can order the materials online, or call (800) 562-3618 to request a searchable CD-ROM for $25, or a three-hole punched hard copy set sells for $55.