The results of an on-farm trial at Applouis Holsteins in Richland Center, Wis., indicate that adding liquid supplement to a total-mixed ration may decrease sorting at the feed bunk.

During the trial, Larry Parr, district manager with Quality Liquid Feeds in Dodgeville, Wis., used a Penn State particle separator to determine the particle distribution of a ration at feeding and 24 hours after feeding — with and without the liquid supplement.

In the TMR without the liquid supplement, the percent of particles on the bottom pan was 53.2 percent at feeding. However, 24 hours after feeding, it had dropped to 37.9 percent, indicating the cows sorted through the feed and consumed more of the fine particles in the ration. After adding the liquid supplement to the TMR, the distribution of particles on the bottom pan tended to remain similar 24 hours after feeding, indicating less sorting occurred. The following table summarizes some of the trial’s results: