A 1999 survey of 20 New York dairy producers identified strategies used by producers to manage Hispanic employees. Tom Maloney, senior extension associate at Cornell University, identified several characteristics of producers who successfully at manage Spanish-speaking employees at a Hispanic workforce conference held in January in New York and Pennsylvania. Successful managers often do the following:

  • Learn to overcome the language barrier by learning some Spanish and make it easy for their employees to access language-instruction classes.
  • Make an effort to learn about their employee's culture and encourage all employees to accept and appreciate cultural differences.
  • Establish and communicate employment policies at the time of hiring so that all employees understand the conduct which is expected of them on the job and while they are the farm property.
  • Make every effort to hire Hispanic employees who legally entered the U.S. They also fill out and file an I-9 form for each employee.
  • Acknowledge their employees' strong family ties and desire to return home periodically.
  • Help employees become a part of the community and encourage community residents to accept and support Hispanic employees.